exquisitesco-host / 2022-present

exquisites is a relaunched series collectively curated, co-organized with Em Marie Kohl. It is inspired by the practice of exquisite corpse, with each reader nominating others. Centering queer and trans poets, the series also references the archaic meaning of an exquisite, or “dandy.” 
We host monthly readings at Art Cafe + Bar, and have partnered with organizations including Poets and Writers, Poetry Society of New York, and The Word is Change.
In our first year, we hosted 67 readers, distributed $6,150 in honorariums and raised $1,772 for organizations. 
With funding support from Brooklyn Arts Council, the series has expanded to publishing micro-anthologies, workshops, and a merch line. 

Maracuyá Peachco-curator, co-founder / 2019-2021

Maracuyá Peach was one of the popsicle flavors dreamed by poet viento izquierdo ugaz's father after waking from a coma. From this imagined combination comes a juicy new poetry series created by izquierdo ugaz and danilo machado in 2019. The series was then curated by with Devyn Mañibo, is by and for queer and trans poets of color working across media, languages, and diasporas, embracing the bilingual, the fruity, and the sticky.
The series has adapted to virtual readings which have fundraised to support the poets.


Reading Series of NY Taster, Brooklyn Bookfest Book Ends Event
MP #7: TV Dinner w/ Jan-Henry Gray & Tara Jayakar  (Virtual)
MP #6: Thirsty Thursdays: Café con Leche w/ ray ferreira, Jimena Lucero, Xan Phillips & Janelle Tan (Virtual)
MP #5: Thirsty Thursdays: Lavender Limonada w/ Inam Kang, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, Francisco Marquez & viento izquierdo ugaz (Virtual)
MP #4: Corazón De Melon @ Project Reach, Manhattan
MP #3: Maví Night (Guest Curated by Cristóbal Guerra) @ Mil Mundos, Brooklyn
MP #2: Hard Aguacate: Baby Queer Poems [Part of PEN America’s Lit Crawl ] / Books are Magic
MP #1: Fruta Futures (Guest Curated by Jimena Lucero) @ Mil Mundos, Brooklyn

UndocuPoetry Weekco-curator, performer  / May 2020

Four days of readings between poets and organizers fundraising for the Connecticut UndocuFund.

Hartford Courant, CT UndocuFund uses poetry to give voice and support to undocumented people struggling with economic meltdown