• The Recluse (#18), Three Poems, July 2021
  • Poem-A-Day, “(telling),” June 4th, 2021
  • TAYO Literary Magazine (SOFT Issue), Four Poems (June 2019)
  • Bushwick Daily, Poem of the Month, "Work in Progress: Residential" (July 2018)
  • Paper China, Journal of Best Nationwide Undergraduate Poetry, “Dear Michael” (2016)
  • Poetic Journeys selection, “I’m facing you, Lexington and 125th (or perhaps you’re facing me)” (2016)
  • Long River Review, First Prize, Edward R. and Frances Schreiber Collins Literary Prize for Poetry, “Laundry” (2013)


  • Enduring Apocalypse, East River Ampitheater 
  • Summer Readings in the Rose Garden (Somewhere Brooklyn)
  • Poetry Project (with Jasmine Gibson)

  • TGI Cast Reading Series (with Treehouse Collective)
  • Bowery Poetry, Abuela’s Backyard Series 
  • Surviving COVID Without Paper

  • Brooklyn Poets Workshop Showcase / 61 Local, Brooklyn Big Words, Etc. (“Almost, Not Quite”) / 61 Local, Brooklyn,
  • First Saturday Pop-Up Poetry (Curator and Reader) / Brooklyn Museum

  • No Borders, No Nations: Benefit for Queer & Trans Refugees / The Glove, Brooklyn
  • Agua Maravilla / Petite Pop Up Shop, Brooklyn
  • Big Words, Etc. (Reading for RAICES) / 61 Local, Brooklyn
  • Closing Party, Block Party / Jenkins Johnson Projects, Brooklyn
  • Queer Abstract: What are you scared to lose? / Starr Bar, Brooklyn
  • Big Words, Etc. (Don't Panic!) / 61 Local, Brooklyn
  • Jazz and Poetry (Featured Poet) /  Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT


  • Cave Canem, Beast of No Poetics with Marwa Helal (2020)
  • Brooklyn Poets, Poetics of I-mage with Marwa Helal (2019)
  • Winter Tangerine (2019)


Poetry series (co-curator, cofounder)


Maracuyá Peach was one of the popsicle flavors dreamed by poet xime izquierdo ugaz's father after waking from a coma. From this imagined combination comes a juicy new poetry series created by  Izquierdo Ugaz and danilo machado in 2019. The series, currently curated by danilo machado and Devyn Mañibo, is by and for queer and trans poets of color working across media, languages, and diasporas, embracing the bilingual, the fruity, and the sticky.

The series has adapted to virtual readings which have fundraised to support the poets.


  • Reading Series of NY Taster, Brooklyn Bookfest Book Ends Event
  • Maracuyá Peach #7: TV Dinner w/ Jan-Henry Gray & Tara Jayakar  (Virtual)
  • Maracuyá Peach #6: Thirsty Thursdays: Café con Leche w/ ray ferreira, Jimena Lucero, Xandria Phillips & Janelle Tan (Virtual) 
  • Maracuyá Peach #5: Thirsty Thursdays: Lavender Limonada w/ Inam Kang, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, Francisco Marquez & xime izquierdo ugaz 
  • Maracuyá Peach #4: Corazón De Melon / Project Reach, Manhattan
  • Maracuyá Peach #3: Maví Night (Guest Curated by Cristóbal Guerra/ Mil Mundos, Brooklyn
  • Maracuyá Peach #2: Hard Aguacate: Baby Queer Poems [Part of PEN America’s Lit Crawl ] / Books are Magic, Brooklyn 
  • Maracuyá Peach #1: Fruta Futures / Mil Mundos, Brooklyn

UndocuPoetry Week

Poetry series (co-curator, preformer)

May 2020

Four days of readings between poets and organizers fundraising for the Connecticut UndocuFund.