selected publications

  • No, Dear, Issue 27: Warp, “caramel is created by heating white sugar to 340 degrees or, breaking down the molecules creates a deep golden brown and deep flavor”  
  • The Recluse (#18), Three Poems, July 2021
  • Poem-A-Day, “(telling),” June 4th, 2021
  • Abrons Arts Center & Boston Center for the Arts, “y es el (after and for and with Jesse Chun),” poem part of the virtual exhibition A Language For Intimacy
  • TAYO Literary Magazine (SOFT Issue), Four Poems (June 2019)
  • Bushwick Daily, Poem of the Month, "Work in Progress: Residential" (July 2018)
  • Paper China, Journal of Best Nationwide Undergraduate Poetry, “Dear Michael” (2016)
  • Poetic Journeys selection, “I’m facing you, Lexington and 125th (or perhaps you’re facing me)” (2016)
  • Long River Review, First Prize, Edward R. and Frances Schreiber Collins Literary Prize for Poetry, “Laundry” (2013)

selected readings

  • No, Dear Issue 27 Launch, Branch Etc
  • East River Ampitheater, Enduring Apocalypse 
  • Summer Readings in the Rose Garden (Somewhere Brooklyn)
  • Poetry Project (with Jasmine Gibson)

  • TGI Cast Reading Series (with Treehouse Collective)
  • Bowery Poetry, Abuela’s Backyard Series 
  • Surviving COVID Without Papers

  • Brooklyn Poets Workshop Showcase / 61 Local, Brooklyn Big Words, Etc. (“Almost, Not Quite”) / 61 Local, Brooklyn,
  • First Saturday Pop-Up Poetry (Curator and Reader) / Brooklyn Museum

  • No Borders, No Nations: Benefit for Queer & Trans Refugees / The Glove, Brooklyn
  • Agua Maravilla / Petite Pop Up Shop, Brooklyn
  • Big Words, Etc. (Reading for RAICES) / 61 Local, Brooklyn
  • Closing Party, Block Party / Jenkins Johnson Projects, Brooklyn
  • Queer Abstract: What are you scared to lose? / Starr Bar, Brooklyn
  • Big Words, Etc. (Don't Panic!) / 61 Local, Brooklyn
  • Jazz and Poetry (Featured Poet) /  Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT